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Foldaway scooter Luggie

Color: Yellow, red, blue, gold
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  • Easy setting and folding in a few tens of seconds
  • Easy loading and unloading: The weight is just 23.5kg(battery excluded).
  • Lithium ion battery used: It fills safety standards. You can bring the vehicle in the airplane.

Luggie is a epoch‐making light foldaway scooter(electric wheelchair with handle).
It is very light and compact design. You can load it into light vehicle after folding.
The manufacturer is FreeRider in Taiwan. Many people have already used in the U.K., Australia and America.
It decreases burden of walking outside and helper.


Model FR168-4IT
Measure(length×width×height) 1,010×665×990mm
Weight(battery excluded) 23.5kg
Battery 10.5Ah
Max speed Moving forward: 1〜5km/h
Moving backward: 1〜5km/h
Safely climbing angle
Cruising distance 18km
Registered model number K13-2
TAIS code 01410-000002

Recommended retail price
¥348,000 (excluded taxation)
Luggie senior car is a welfare product.

FreeRider Corporation (Taiwan)

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