Company profile

Company name Kurefa Co., Ltd.
Date of the establishment June 25, 1971
Capital stock 90,000,000 yen
Representative President: Masahito Kuramoto
Number of employees 54 (as of December 31, 2018)
The main office 1-14-2, Toyotamakita, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176-0012, Japan
Tel: 81-3-5999-7705
Fax: 81-3-5999-7706
The contents of business ・Rebuilding, repairing and saling elecrical car parts
・Importing and saling battery (for cars and electric cars)
・Importing, exporting and saling car parts
・Importing, exporting and saling clothing, home electric appliances and daily necessaries
・The acting importing and exporting

The company's management principles

We recycle materials effectively and aim to be the company contribute to the society widely. And also we try hard to improve customer satisfactioni with innovative ingenuity.