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KURAMOTO senior car FR168-4S2bJ
Solid body and safety device make it possible to move comfortably every day

  • Weight limit is 130kg: also a large person feel relieved
  • Big seat: you can sit down relaxedly.
  • Accelerator lever with safety device of stop: Grasp it to activate.
  • Automatically slow down system at curve
  • Automatically slow down system on going back
  • Manual brake with automatic stop switch
  • Manyal speed limit brake
  • Non-blowout tire

Product catalogue(PDF/928KB)

Model FR168-4S2bJ
Measure(length×width×height) 1,195×690×1,090mm
Weight(battery included) 85.5kg
Battery 12V×2, 36AH
Max speed Moving forward: 1〜6km/h
Moving backward: 1〜3km/h
Safely climbing angle 10°
Cruising distance 32km
Registered model number K13-1
TAIS code 01410-000001

Recommended retail price
¥298,000 (excluded taxation)
KURAMOTO senior car is a welfare product.

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